Types Of Watch

There are so many designs, colours and styles of watches available that it can be confusing and complicated to pick the best watch for yourself or a friend.

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After reading through the different types of watches below, browse our selection of watches where you’ll find more than 20,000 watches in a matter of seconds. When you have found the watch you want, simply click on the watch to make your purchase.

Bangle Watches

Typically found in the ladies watches category, the bangle watch is feminine, fashionable and stylish, fitting closely around the wrist. The bangle will either slide over the wrist or be fastened with a pin or clasp.

Bracelet Watches

The bracelet watch is the most popular type of watch with easy fastening and a wide range of classic designs and modern styles. bracelet watches are available in materials such as gold, silver and stainless steel.

Chronograph Watches

The Chronograph Watch, made popular by brands such as Casio, TAG Heuer and Accurist, measures time and includes stopwatch functions using different dials on the display.

Digital Watches

With easy-to-read LCD displays, digital watches are great for checking the time without working out the hours and minutes on an analogue face. As well as 12 hour and 24 hour clocks, most digital watches have extra functions such as a stopwatch, calendar or alarm.

Divers Watches

Suitable for underwater pursuits, divers watches will typically have a water resistance of up to 300m (990ft). Manufacturers such as Omega, Citizen and Casio have many stylish but tough divers watches to choose from.

Fob Watches

If you have your hands full or need to check the time upside down, a fob watch is the perfect choice. With its half strap and clip, fob watches are popular with Nurses and produced by top brands such as Ingersoll, Sekonda and more.

Gold Watches

Yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, there’s no doubt that gold watches symbolise luxury and prosperity. When you choose a ladies gold watch it will perfectly match well chosen accessories such as gold earrings, bracelets and handbags. For men, the classic men’s gold watch projects wealth, authority and power.

Pocket Watches

Created in the 16th century, pocket watches, simply a watch with a chain rather than a wriststrap, are still popular today. Benefiting from a larger face than the average wristwatch, pocket watches are all about dignity and style and are the distinguished alternative if a wristwatch is not desired.

Silver Watches

When choosing a silver watch, check if you are choosing the colour or the material. Silver colouring can describe white gold, stainless steel, titanium as well as silver plating. Silver is the gleaming yet understated colour for style and success. Silver watches symbolise confidence and independence.

Sports Watches

As described, sports watches are designed for activity, to withstand running, jumping, swimming and general vigorous exercise. As well as the tougher exterior, sports watches, such as from Breo, Casio and Adidas include stopwatch and alarm features and come in a wide range of colours and styles.

Titanium Watches

Strong, corrosion-resistant titanium takes its name from the Greek Gods – the Titans. These watches are stylish yet tough. They are slightly darker in colour than their silver cousins conveying a subtle message of hard wearing and durability. Titanium watches are a great choice for any man or woman wanting a watch for everyday work or play.