Watches Buying Guide

Choosing a Watch

When choosing from a collection of mens watches or ladies watches, remember that you are buying a long-lasting commodity, so the watch should ideally reflect the personality of the wearer and fit in with their lifestyle. Ask yourself what purpose – apart from telling the time! – the watch will have. For example, are you looking for a snazzy watch to accentuate your outfit? Or perhaps a sports watch might suit you if you are especially active.

Watch Comfort

When choosing a new watch, make sure it sits comfortably on your wrist. Unless you are choosing a specialist watch such as a divers watch, or a watch for a special occasion, it should fit in seamlessly with your daily life.

Watch Displays

Today’s watches have a wide choice of faces and displays. You can choose between hands rotating around standard numbers or Roman numerals. You can choose dots or dashes in place of numbers. Or alternatively you can choose a digital or LCD display.

Watch Straps

To co-ordinate your watch, you may wish to have the same material both on the strap and the face. Watchstraps can be a whole band, links or a bracelet. The latter are known as bracelet watches.

Watch Metals

Choosing the right metal for your watch is important. Gold watches blend in well with gold jewellery, whereas if silver accessories are your thing, then a silver watch could be the way forward. If you’re allergic to gold or silver, make sure to check with the vendor that you can easily raise the watch away from your skin using a pad or concealed inner strap.

Watch Features

In addition to telling the time, many watches, especially mens watches, have useful extra features such as date functions, alarms, interchangeable straps and stop watches. Make a list of the features you would like your watch to have and that you would realistically use. This will save time when comparing watches and ensure that you pick the right watch for you.

Buying Your Watch

When you’ve chosen the type of watch you’d like, take time to compare prices and different manufacturers. Shopping around at sites like can reveal bargains that you might not have been aware of.