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    Posts Written in July 2011

    Swatch Watches For The New Generation

    Swatch watches are one of the best choices you can make when choosing your new watches. Designed from a concept of cheap, cheerful, accurate watches available to everyone Swatch watches have evolved into one of the leading watches brands on the market.

    Low cost, high tech, colourful and practical the range of Swiss Swatch watches is not to be missed. Choose a funky Swatch watch for yourself or your friend’s birthday. Ladies Swatch watches and mens Swatch watches are available from Watches.org.uk. (more…)

    Swatch Watches – Your Second Watches

    Swatch watches have been around since the 1980’s. Fashionable and functional the range of Swatch watches are surely the watches that will last through generations. Swatch watches feature in worldwide sports such as Swatch FIVB Volleyball World Tour, in cycling, skiing and daredevil acrobatic feats where pure adrenalin and limitless fun fuse together.

    Swatch watches are enjoyed by over 330 million people worldwide. Coined from the contraction of the words “Second” and “Watch” the name Swatch represents a watch that is perfect as your second watch when you leave your expensive or fragile watch at home. Enjoy the free spirit of Swatch watches with tough analogue watches you’ll wear during your favourite activities. (more…)

    Eternal Watches – Eternal Silver Watches, London

    Eternal watches from Eternal Silver Ltd. based in London complete your image with their stylish range of mens watches and ladies watches. Swiss-made Eternal watches are crafted from Argentium 970-pure silver. These watches are more lustrous, whiter, durable and more pure than regular silver and Eternal watches are more resistant to tarnishing and bear the beautiful shimmer of silver that we know and love.

    Silver Eternal watches are available through Watches.org.uk and each watch has a classic design that belongs on the wrist of generation after generation. Choose a sleek, diamond detailed ladies Eternal watch for her birthday, anniversary or a special gift she’ll adore. (more…)

    Tag Heuer Watches – The Aquaracer

    Tag Heuer watches are the famous brand behind the Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches for men and ladies. The essential sports watch the Aquaracer is inspired by the aquatic world of sport offering unrivalled reliability and resistance.

    The ingenious design combined with advanced technology gives Tag Heuer watches the performance edge with strength and precision. Watches from the Tag Heuer watches collection are charismatic and the Aquaracer watch is no exception. (more…)

    Fob Watches: 5 Reasons To Choose Fob Watches

    Fob watches or Nurses Fob Watches are watches without a watchstrap that fasten to a shirt or trouser pocket with a clip or hang from a chain. At Watches.org.uk we have the top five reasons why your next watch should be one of the functional and funky fob watches available to buy online.

    1 – Unique Design

    Fob watches display the time upside down so you can easily look down at your fob watch without moving your hands. This is a great benefit to nurses and people who work with their hands. Fob watches simply clip on to the outside of medical scrubs so you can easily read the time. (more…)

    Fob Watches And Nurses Watches


    Fob watches also known as nurses watches are a unique type of watches that can be read upside down. The fob watch easily clips to a shirt pocket keeping the hands free when you need to check the time. With the watch face upside down you can glance down at the time at any moment. For nurses the nurses fob watch is a hygienic solution compared with wearing a wrist watch.

    Likewise in cooking or jobs which require gloves fob watches are the perfect solution for keeping time without attracting or transmitting germs from your wrist. Fob watches are unisex and fob watches are popular for male or female nurses and larger mens fob watches are the stylish alternative to the mens pocket watches or watches. (more…)

    Silver Watches – Stylish And Chic

    Silver watches are the watches worn by those with inner confidence, calm and self control. The cool silver metal blends well with a silver bracelet and silver accessories such as a necklace or cufflinks for men. Silver watches are easy to wear and look good in any situation. Wear your watches to work or playing sport or simply relaxing at home.

    Fresh and original, silver watches are the perfect alternative to gold watches. With silver you can mix and match your accessories and at Watches.org.uk you’ll find plenty of silver watches to choose from. Silver watches make great birthday presents too! (more…)

    Mount Royal Watches


    Mount Royal watches and Mount Royal pocket watches form a collection of stylish pocket watches. If you’re looking for a modern pocket watch then Mount Royal watches are surely the exclusive watches choice for traditional timekeeping.

    Mount Royal watches are mounted in a beautiful gold plated or chrome plated case and come with a finest quality quartz movement or traditional movement as preferred. Enjoy the beauty of the stunning range of Mount Royal watches including the stunning half hunter, full hunter, skeleton, moondial and open face designs. (more…)

    FCUK Watches – French Connection Watches

    FCUK watches are sexy and stylish with enviable attitude and the collection of FCUK watches is available at Watches.org.uk.

    The controversial FCUK brand is derived from the short acronym of the company name “French Connection UK”. FCUK is one of the leading fashion brands on the High Street and online. Watches bearing the FCUK logo are funky and trendy watches in unisex colours and lively styles and designs. (more…)